Marcelo Vazquez

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Marcelo Vazquez has been involved in sports and fitness for more than 20 years. Helping others get in shape is his greatest personal satisfaction, and reversing the epidemic of childhood obesity is his ultimate goal.

He is the author of 3 books, the inventor of the first "Flying Disc with Exercises", and recently became an “American Ninja Warrior" contestant on NBC (season 7).

Marcelo is a fitness contributor for Univision 34 Atlanta, and he has appeared on CNN, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and Azteca America Atlanta TV. He also played the role as "Sergeant Bill", a Boot Camp Instructor, on the USA show "Necessary Roughness" (season 3, episode 3).


Marcelo Vazquez ha estado en el campo de los deportes y el fitness por más de 20 años. Ayudar a otros a mantenerse en forma es su más grande satisfacción, y minimizar la epidemia de la obesidad infantil es su desafío. Marcelo es contribuidor de fitness para Univisión 34 Atlanta, y ha tenido apariciones en CNN en Español, Georgia Public Broadcasting, y Azteca América Atlanta TV.

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