Dr. Marc Lawson, D.C.

Chiropractor, Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

Marc Lawson, D.C., is an Chiropractor who has made a living online and offline since 2004. He is involved in designing software, authoring books, video courses, training and consulting over this period. Marc's goals has been making products and services to help small business grow and increase their bottom line profits over time.

Dr. Lawson graduated with Bachelor's Science degree in Physical Education / Sports Medicine from San Diego State University in 1984 and Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic Collage in 1987. Dr. Lawson started in chiropractic practice in 1988 which he still treats patients today.

After many years in the health field, Dr. Lawson started several other related businesses in the health field. His business history included several companies that went from solo start-up to major interstate company presence. He also started teaching other doctors how to grow their practices through products and services which help increase their business profits. He found by creating and using business systems in the health field, today's doctors can see more patients in practice while maintaining high standards of care. Such streamline systems of office management and business growth can help increase bottom line profits in practice legally and ethically.

Today, Dr. Lawson has turned his education and business experience into training systems online to help other products or services businesses to grow their sales while increasing their bottom line profits. He has found that many small businesses go through the typical start up pains and find themselves too busy to promote and grow their business while servicing current clients. Dr. Lawson believes in the right training systems in place can help overcome such business blocks and get businesses to the next level.

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