Counsellor and Secondary Educator

I grew up in a farming area of South Australia and went on to achieve a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Economics and Psychology, at the University of Adelaide. I worked in market research for a few years before becoming a teacher. I married, had four children, became successful in direct selling as they were growing up and then returned to teaching part-time. When my husband and I separated I had to support and bring up four young adolescents. I established my own business in selling and cleaning with twenty employees and also qualified and practised as a professional counsellor. I returned to teaching secondary English, History and Research Skills in country South Australia fifteen years later when the children were established in their own lives and now teach at an Adelaide city school. I have experienced the deaths of several loved ones and suffered discrimination as a single woman in the men's world of economics and business. Due to my life experiences I have learned, devised and practiced many strategies to boost my self-esteem and resilience. I have outlined these strategies in my lecture and hope that you will use them frequently until they become a way of life for you as they have for me.

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