Manuel Valentin

Co-Founder of Armada International Advisors, LLC

Manuel Valentin is the Co-Founder of Armada International Advisors LLC; with offices in Washington DC and Philadelphia PA. Co-author of The Accountable Case Manager and certified Master Trainer, Mr. Valentin is a pioneer in the area of Performance Measurement, Program Evaluations, and co-creator of the eLogic Model™, published in Journal of the National Grants Management Association. Mr. Valentin has a long list of creating, organizing, and implementing innovative initiatives and business concepts.

As an international advocate Mr. Valentin has worked with numerous Diplomats and foreign government officials and was a consultant for political lobbying projects in Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East in affiliation with United States Government contacts where he conducted extensive public relations activities in multi-language facets via newspapers, television, radio, and focus groups. He attended Millersville University where he studied Psychology as an undergraduate and Clinical Psychology in his Masters work; he is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity. He is an expert in Program Evaluations, Scaling, Group Dynamics and Interactions, and a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator® practitioner, an accomplished therapist, mentor, counselor, and creator and organizer of programs like The National Fatherhood Initiative, and 21st Century Grants.