Manish Vashist

Design thinker, Consultant, Teacher, Author, Mentor

Over 18 years of blended experience in UX, Product Management, Business Analysis & Strategy, hands on design, Coding & running a startup.

Provide thought leadership, build long term & short term UX strategies to help clients meet business goals.

Mentor & Trainer: Personal & professional growth

Worked for big banks, health care providers, rail road companies, lighting controller & electronics, education platform & content providers, app developers, handset manufacturers, platform vendors and carriers, Travel companies and more.

Extensively traveled worldwide to meet stakeholders, conduct end user interviews, conduct usability tests, facilitate design workshops, and present UI deliverables.

A Design Thinker, HFI CUA-CXA Trainer, UX Though leadership,  Enterprise cloud, IOT, UX Strategy, Enterprise Mobile Application, Intranet Applications, Ecommerce, Consumer Mobility, Learning & Content Management, Telecom Back Office, Social & Enterprise Games, Social Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Healthcare Device Usability Testing & More. 

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