Jessica Walker

Make it happen strategist,speaker & social entrepreneur

Jessica Walker, B.S,  RADTS , IBCLC (pending) Joyologist & Researcher is dedicated to the future happiness of our world. 

Helping people worldwide upgrade their thinking, acknowledge the importance of mental health, human development, motherhood, social justice, and behavior for better quality results in life, both personally and professionally; in an extraordinarily fun, fast-paced and memorable way.   

She is an active advocate for maternal mental health

She views the invitation to join people's life story as a privilege. Whether individually or with a large group of individuals, motivating others to live to their fullest potential is one of her greatest joys. 

Jessica is the president of the jaw research institute and founder of Mom in me network a nonprofit organization for mothers experiencing depression, stress, and anxiety. You can find her chasing her six kids around the park. Taking moments throughout the day to help entrepreneurs gain  confidence to ask for payment and spread their message around the world during the day. After midnight she can be found hiding in the closet eating cookies  with a laptop in her hands and earphones in her ears. 

Courses that Jessica Walker is enrolled in