Malachi Staples

Instructor at Udemy owner of Glasslogos


Malachi's Purpose and Mission Statement

"I thrive on creating simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. Simplicity is key to every professional design from planning the design to development. I want your customers to get a great first impression of your company the second they see your website, logos, flyer, business card, and video. I want your brand and your message to be delivered in a clear, concise way, and for your customers to have an engaging and fulfilling experience when dealing with your business. I am always ready to offer FREE advice and recommendation to make your business the best it can be. It is the passion for helping others to succeed that drives me!" - Malachi

Music Productions Bio

Malachi has been mixing music since 2001 using varies software such as Cakewalk, Fruity Loops and GarageBand Mobile, GarageBand 6 and now GarageBand 10.

Malachi has ghost written, produced and has been featured on varies underground rap artists' songs around the globe. He has also written, produced and sometimes even performed for:

  1. Varies commercials
  2. Musical plays (Like the The Wizard of Oz)
  3. Online business advertisements
  4. Sports teams (Belgium Soccer Team)
  5. MP3 music awards 2013
  6. Preformed for varies radio stations
  7. Political Campaigns
  8. YouTube Channels (Ghost written Popular Parody Rap Battles) You might have heard some of them already. ;-)
  9. Malachi has even written an nursery rhyme for a kids learning software, performed, mixed and produced it.
  10. Written and produced the intros for Digital Comic Books and online cartoons as well!

Real Feedback from Music Clients

"Awesome final mix! Went above and beyond. Love the rap, and so do our clients! Highly recommend this guy!"

By James F.

"Did an amazing job... Get your order in before this gig gets backed up with orders!!!!"

By Digital Chica

"I would use this guy again for future projects."

By Reddurt

"Excellent will order again for more vocal parts great voice!!"

By Gerry G

"Wonderful! Exceeded my expectations in both delivery time and quality!"

By Witkowso

Web and Graphic Designer:

Malachi lives and breathe graphic design, marketing, branding, video and music advertisement. He have done web and graphic design branding with global businesses, domestic businesses, small businesses and even individual clients.

Type of Businesses he has improved the effectiveness of their brand:

  1. Law Firm (In Chicago)
  2. Judge Logo (In Cleveland)
  3. Golf Supplier
  4. Popular Blogs
  5. Massage and Spa Businesses
  6. Freelance Businesses on (Freelance, Elance and Fiverr)
  7. Lawncare Services
  8. YouTube Gaming "Let's Play" Channels
  9. ER services at Hospitals
  10. eBook Authors
  11. Clothing Brands
  12. Air Filter Supplier
  13. Medical Equipment Suppliers
  14. Organic Beauty Product Suppliers
  15. Music Producers and Local Rap Artists

And the list goes on....

Real Feedback from Clients


By Claire J. with Easy2BookHotels


By Renay with Signature Lawn Care

Online Marketing / YOUTUBE SEO

Malachi has also mastered the ability to rank Youtube videos on the first page of Youtube and Google. He has helped and taught client how to do this from individuals to companies of all sizes, via on the phone, thorough tutorial videos or doing live presentation! He is very knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but is driven passion when it comes to marketing is video marketing on YouTube and social media using Guerrilla Marketing strategies.

Malachi has trained people and companies on Video Marketing, Online Marketing, Graphic Desgin, Twitter Marketing, Facebook targeted marketing (IUDs), Keyword Research, Wordpress and youth groups on business entrepreneurship .

The Jack of All Trades

Malachi published an amazing book on Amazon called: "Win @ Online Dating" - As of 2014 Malachi has helped over 1000 individuals find a partner using Online and Offline methods. Malachi has written Win @ Online Dating using 12+ years of online dating experience. With his studies in psychology from micro-expression to the effects of what certain written words do to a person's thinking process he has mastered the art of "reading" people bases on their unconscious body language. I can help men and women find their match by analyzing their dating profile. In the book he guides the reader on how the online and offline "game" works using a self analysis concept. His theory which has helped his clients is that first you must master your weakness within yourself and love yourself before you can find any tangible love.

Feel free to check out Malachi LinkedIN profile which he has 500+ connections!