Maika Ruiz

Instructor, Businesswoman and Coaching


My name is Mayka Ruiz, I am a specialist and trainer in "Natural Therapies" (Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Oligotherapy).

I have worked for 11 years providing courses and workshops of " Natural Therapies " for older people's associations , associations of patients with cancer, Alzheimer , Parkinson , bone diseases , cardiac diseases, skin , depression , stress, etc. . These courses provide the patient a new and a totally natural alternative to improve “as much as possible” the symptoms of their diseases and lead to a better life quality through everything that nature can provide us.

I also teach courses for women's associations on how natural therapies help relieve the menopause problems caused in women.

Previously, I have worked for a training company as an "On- line Tutor "in distance courses of "Entrepreneurship ",” Personal Coaching " and " Spanish " .

I currently teach courses of "Entrepreneurship”. These courses orientate students towards choosing an independent job opportunity and developing a viable company project to operate their own company or business, always on the basis of their knowledge, their experience and trying to exploit what they like or what they do best.

As a specialist in Natural Therapies, I have intended to publish this course to help lots of people to discover widely an " Essential Element " that nature provides us and all it can do for our physical and mental health.