Maggie Lietz

Helping people succeed online since June 2000

Ever since she came online in 2000 and created her website Ebookhelper, Maggie Lietz has dedicated her time and expertise to helping people achieve success. Everything from creating and publishing an ebook to building and operating a website.

She's accomplished in ghostwriting, sales copy, web design and development, graphic design, and of course, everything related to ebooks.

Her passion is and always will be teaching beginners how to accomplish all the tasks related to online success. Having recently discovered Udemy, she has revamped her efforts to create comprehensive quality online courses that are based on every aspect of her expertise.

Her commitment over the years has always been to provide assistance and answer questions. Anything and everything that will help someone learn and ultimately succeed.

Once you establish a relationship with Maggie, you've got a friend and mentor for life.

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