Maggie aulin

Dance teacher!



Maggie started her dancing career as a ballroom dancer. By the age of 11, She and her partner represented Sweden in Nordic Championships as well as other international competitions.

After High school she moved to Stockholm to educate herself as a professional dancer at the Ballet Academy of Stockholm.

Between the years of 2002-2005 she worked as a teacher, dancer, model and choreographer throughout Stockholm.  

During this time she also travelled to Paris and NY to educate herself. It was during these trips she became involved with House dance and the culture itself. 

She practiced and were taught by the elit of NYC and Paris, names like Yugson ( France), Babson ( France), Dider (France), Meech ( France), Tony McGregor ( USA), Shannon Mabra ( USA), Byron Cox ( USA), Marjorie Smarth ( USA), Calief  Sellers ( USA), Ejoe Wilson ( USA) and a lot of influences of the amazing dancer Damon Frost ( USA/Sweden).

The love for House and House dance has grown and from 2007-2012 Maggie were one of the founder and  danced in the ladies crew “Phat Jam Jackies” who involved Malin Emmoth, Sabina Dalfjall , and YeYa Ekstrom from Stockholm, all very well known all over Sweden and International. 

Phat Jam Jackies was summer 2009 invited to do show and share the stage with big companyes as Cullbergabaletten, Bounce, Dancers from American Ballet theatre in New York, Netherlands Dance Theatre at Dansgalan in the Opera in Gothenburg, south of Sweden. Phat jam Jackers represented  the female part of Hiphop, housedance and whacking. 

She also worked as a dancer in the "International House Dance Project" with Shannon Mabra, Byron Cox from NY, Naoki from Japan, and other dancers from around the world. In January 2007 they did the show "Constellation of Stars", where Maggie was the organizer and produced the  the show. They participated in the Tv shows, and other international events . 

She worked with the group "Phat Jam Jackers" which included  dancers Steve Nestar (Paris/London), Shannon Mabra (NY), Samir ( France), Malin (Stockholm) and Sabina (Stockholm).   They performed shows in Sweden and Italy and She went on a hiphop tour in Malaysia.

Maggie was one of the first dancers in Sweden to reintroduce and teach the waacking style in Sweden. 2008 she brought  Shoultrain dancer Tyrone Proctor from NYC to give history classes and workshops. 

Feb 2009 and 2010 she won Streetstar, the biggest dance competition in the scandinavia and represented scandinavia in the biggest Streetdance competition in the world, Juste Debout..

Today Maggie teaches all around Stockholm, at some of the most prestiges dance schools and education programs.  She also travels to Switzerland as a guest Teacher.  Her  passion for the early jazz styles and  together with her partner Malin , she and Malin took Their shows To a new level.

They call themselves "The Jackies" and been performing on the biggest stages in stockholm and Sweden. She has done tv shows like " Grammisgalan" and " Melodifestivalen"  and she is one of creators behind the danceclub " Soulmates" witch she has been hosted for 7 years and taking the club into fancy places in stockholm like " Berns", " Cafe Opera" to underground places like " slakthuset" . The club  has invited the incredible dj”s  such as Kerri Chandler, Ron trent, Karizma, Glenn Underground, Rap sanders, Josh Milan, Atjazz, to name a few. It is well knowned for being the only real housedanceclub in Stockholm area.

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