Lena Ski

Helping you ignite authentic experiences.

Executive Producer and Hostess of The Global Movement Summit || SuperNova Marketing Coach || Hostess of The SuperNova Podcast & SuperNova Summit Series || Author || Publicist || Used to carry a media pass || & Entheos Ambassador ||.

Having worked in Television, Theater, Events and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry), I know what it takes to be the leading lady or guy... Over the years, I've worked with Artists, Musicians, Actors, Creatives, Marketers, Media-maniacs, Eventeers, Authors, Coaches, Lifestyle creators, and Spiritualists by helping them:

  • develop purposeful business habits.
  • develop their brands.
  • produce powerhouse experiences.
  • learn how to show up and mean it.
  • create authentic engagements.
  • and more.

Her latest quest has taken her beyond the edge of her universe, what started as The Global Movement Summit became a purpose felt desire to create a purpose-centred-ecosystem that's designed to help entrepreneurs thrive. And so with quiet determination, a handful of big bold dreams, and an unshakable commitment to meeting her moment and living courageously, she's here to support purpose-centred-entrepreneurs in their quest to greatness.


"Seldom do I come across a young professional with so much resolve to remain focussed and aligned to her life's purpose and then create the opportunity for others to honour theirs." Amien Jacobs.

"Lena's energy is off the charts! I had the honour of being interviewed by her for the SuperNova podcast, and we had a wonderful time. Her questions, her insights and her exuberance made the experience a great one for me. " Karen Cappello.

"Magdalena is detail-orientated, knowledgeable and patient. She has a clear concept of your needs and addresses them by giving you short-term and long-term goals within your reach. She encourages and guides you. She offers her experience in a variety of fields for you to adapt to your necessities." Carol Graham.

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