Maciej Kawka

Common Guy

My name is Maciej, I'm 22 years old. I live in Warsaw from my birthday and I'm here to learn many new things, but also to share my knowledge with others. I love physical activity and love to work out! That's why I'm here! I've read tousands of articles and already get through tousands of medical research reports to see that the simpliest things work really well. Unless you want to be a bodybuilder, all the information you will get from me will be more than enough! Everything what I'm teaching might seem obvious, but when you realize, that most people doesn't know that (including you), you will be a step ahead of them. Join me, start using the simpliest strategies, work hard and day by day you will see new version of yourself, that one, which you ever wanted to be! Hurry up! Time won't wait for you!

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