Maarten Van Nus

Founder of Boomer Body Fitness, Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Maarten Van Nus and I'm the founder of Boomer Body Fitness.

I have been training and studying the human body since 1975, and in all this time i have trained and helped hundreds of people push their bodies and minds through their self made limitations to achieve their own personal fitness and health goals. Along the way i have authored a book, have spent tens of thousands of hours in the gym using my own body as a test case, to perfect and come up with new and exciting ways to train and isolate muscle groups, along with core , stretching and overall health.

And to this day i don't just talk it, i still live it every day, still testing and coming up with new ways of making the human body the best it can be.

I have trained everyone from housewives to athletes, from weekend gym warriors to semi pro bodybuilders. I not only train the body but have a unique ability to bring the mind into play so that you can begin to achieve that desired result not only on the outside but the deep belief to hold it there on the inside .

They say it takes ten thousand hours to become a master at anything, well i surpassed that long ago that is why I’ve been called a master, a guru, a triple phd if you will, when it comes to training the human body.

So let all my years of training and experience help you to achieve becoming the best you can be.

- Maarten Van Nus