M Bari

I'm on a mission to change 3 lives in 2016

I'm an online entrepreneur, marketer and business coach.

When I started back in 2011, I wanted to do everything myself. This attitude made me master so many skills like product launches, copywriting, graphic design, affiliate marketing, video marketing, webinar marketing, lead generation.

Working as a online business coach taught me how to present any system in easy, actionable steps. And that's what you can expect from my courses as well.

I've created courses to teach you how to:

1. Earn money online and work from anywhere you choose using nothing but your computer and an internet connection.

2. Launch bestselling and profitable digital products i.e. pdf reports, ebooks, video courses and softwares. And do it all using free traffic.

3. Attract more customers and clients on demand.

4. Learn essential skills quickly and effectively and become popular as a go to person in your market fast.

5. Gain freedom and attract more wealth

If these interest you, then you'll receive massive benefits from my courses


My courses are simple. They are built in steps. So, if you want to get the most of them, please do follow from beginning to end. Don't skip lessons.


I focus on your result. My courses are like a journeys. A Journey from Point A to Point B

Point A is where you are "A"t


Point B is where you want to "B"e

Check out my courses and modules. Feel free to send me a message if you would like me to add any module to any courses or you want me add a new course on a topic.

Thanks and good luck.

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