Lynn Dorman, PhD; JD

Content Creator at Gray Wolf Productions

The "official" bio:

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D. creates and publishes books, ebooks, courses, and other products through Gray Wolf Productions.

Previously, for many years, she had been a Psychology professor and taught courses on a variety of topics within the field. She has been a consultant to various organizations and run workshops on many topics in the realm of "all that is psychology."

She took a break from psychology, got a law degree, and subsequently practiced both professions. Now she writes and teaches subjects for which she has knowledge and expertise.


Hello - "unofficially" I am Lynn - a lifelong learner and information giver

I have been, and sometimes still am, a:

  • psychology professor
  • author
  • researcher
  • therapist
  • forensic evaluator
  • attorney
  • ski instructor
  • kindergarten teacher
  • pet person
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • river rat [aka floating home resident]

My interests are many and varied - and in all I do, I enjoy helping people: through teaching, authoring, coaching, and my upcoming research on healthy aging.

As a long time Developmental Psychologist, I have learned that in order for people of any age to develop to their optimal capacity and not be "badly" stressed by life, they need some basics in their environment - and one of those basics is good nutrition.

So no matter what I teach about, I usually wind up including information about good nutrition when appropriate....

I have a few mottoes for life - here are 3:

    • Never stop learning!
    • Never stop teaching!
    • Always enjoy what you are doing!

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