Luna Leung

Raw Food, Wellness and Beauty Enthusiast

Hi everyone!

I am Luna. I am so excited to be here to share with you my experience and passion for natural lifestyles and to meet inspiring people from all over the world.

I am a raw food enthusiast, a raw skincare product maker, a model and a photo artist. To me, freshness and simplicity are very important qualities of the 'food' I eat and put on my skin. Yes, it's 'food' I put on my skin. I believe in the power of fresh fruits, vegetables, raw cold-pressed plant oil and botanicals that are easy to find locally. It feels beautiful and empowering to use all these natural goodness from the earth and to have a comprehensive view of all ingredients that go into the skincare products I use.

I am attracted to and inspired by all little beautiful things in everyday life. Photography and modelling are my forms of art to express my inspirations, delicacy and femininity. The texture of skin the hair is very provocative in visual arts, and very personal, tender and loving to me. The elements of skin, hair and the sense of touch appear throughout my art. That is probably why I grow my hair very long and take care of my skin with natural ingredients, to feel more whole.

I feel blessed with my unique mix of interests, raw food, beauty and art, which allow me to travel, to be creative and to meet interesting like-minded people. It is such a pleasure to talk about delicious and nutritious food, lifestyles and art.

I am producing courses on what I am passionate about and love to share. I hope it is as fulfilling to you as it is fulfilling to me!

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