Luke Zimmermann

English language teacher and teacher trainer

Luke Zimmermann is a linguist and has been involved in TESOL since 1985 as a teacher and teacher trainer. He has worked in Japan, Australia and in the United Arab Emirates. He presents in a style that is down-to-earth, practical and humorous.

Some comments:

“The teachers viewed the video and the verdict was that it was excellent”

                                                University of Southern Queensland

“I have used Luke’s way of teaching pronunciation for many years and have found it very effective – especially the use of hands to explain sounds.”     

Hanne Sharpe. ESL teacher Denmark and Australia

“I am 64 and now learning English.  The video explains the difficult sounds like ‘th’, so I can understand.  And I can study by myself.”

                   Sjors Penning, New immigrant from the Netherlands

“Now I can say ‘lice’ and ‘rice’, ‘past’ and ‘fast’ and ‘think’ clearly.  People understand me much better.”                     James Chan, Korea

“Luke’s video will help you in learning English, and they are not boring, not at all; it’s full of stories, advice and easy English that everyone can understand.”                               Fatima Ahmed, United Arab Emirates

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