Dr. Luisa Glascock

Formerly a school educator, my professional experience includes teaching students, many of them English language learners, from age four to University graduate programs in the area of Education.

Working in public and private institutions for over 30 years has led me to become an effective instructor and mentor to individuals immersed in international perspectives in the work environment.  In particular, using methods and practices for constructing knowledge and understanding that result from unexpected and transformative social, cultural, and linguistic contexts.

My personal journey has taken me to live and work in various countries including Mexico, United States, Japan, Spain, China, and currently Myanmar.  My credentials comprise a BA in Psychology, MEd in International Teaching, and a PhD with a concentration in Curriculum, Instruction, and Cultural Studies in Education; including study abroad scholarships and a Fulbright award in Japan.

I am keen on research and issues that help individuals of future generations to continue being creative, resourceful, imaginative, adaptable, and aware of social and emotional intelligence for individual advancement and collaborative work accomplishment.  Especially working with individuals willing to take risks beyond their comfort zone to develop thoughtful and productive work in diverse local and international settings.