Lucianne Hackbert, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach

My name is Lucianne Hackbert, PhD. and I am a life coach, guide and teacher. I believe you have intuition about what is right and true for you. My work as a coach, guide and teacher reflect years of training and professional expertise as a licensed clinical psychologist. My life experience as a dedicated yogi, an artist, a wife and a mother are also important assets for our work.

I received a BA in Art and Psychology from Mary Baldwin College and an MS and PhD in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico. After postdoctoral training and an appointment as a clinical instructor at the University of Washington Medical School, I left academia and started a clinical practice in Seattle in 2001.

After the birth of my second son in 2005, my psychology practice began to broaden to include my family life, and I became motivated on a deeply personal level. I noticed my emotional connection to my two sons was so alive, so inspiring, and also sensitive. As a new mother, I felt so vulnerable. At times this sensitivity overwhelmed me. I turned to my personal practice of yoga and mindfulness to super-charge my confidence. I noticed that when I took the time to care for myself, I felt more open, loving, attentive, and wise with my family. When I took the time to replenish my internal resources, I was more equipped to handle the challenges that arose naturally out of everyday parenting situations. I learned that the strategies that were useful for my clients were also helpful to me as a parent. I hope that the practices I have developed in my Parenting with Awareness course will empower you too to be more attuned to yourself and become a pillar of calm presence for your family.

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