Lucas Couto

Junior Consultant at Farnam Street

My name is Lucas Couto and I'm a Brazilian investor and entrepreneur for almost 10 years now. I started my investor adventures when I bought R$400 in shares of Brazilian powerhouse companies Vale do Rio Doce and Petrobras. This was back in 2005 when they're both colossus of extracting and mining industries. It felt good to be an investor at that time and I thought I could do that for a living. Therefore I decided to study Economics at University of Brasilia ( one of the most renowned Economics School in Brazil). It was August, 2008 when I started my studies at the University of Brasilia, hopeful and eager to learn. Little did I know ( or anyone else at most Universities and Media across the world) that the mother of all crises of about to unveil.

In total perplexity I saw my investments alongside everything I've learn about Finance and Economics to be shattered in less than a month. And this was my first term in Economics course. At that moment I decided that no amount of academic study compare to real life experience and therefore I should quit college and live my life: I should became an Artist (I remained an investor and student, though, the only difference was that I did not want to be trapped inside the University listening people talking about Market Efficiency while the Markets crash and destroy lives of millions. Instead I decided I should get real life experience - and lessons - that is way more useful).

I've tried lots of business and jobs, from administration jobs (at Brazilian Secretary of Treasury) to artistic presentation (dance/music and film, mostly) going through cleaning and teaching. In all of those jobs I've learned about live and the practical aspects of it that will help whenever I need it, not only in my artistic and entrepreneurial endeavours.

In one of my gigs (Brazilian music: Drums!) I was chatting with one of my best friend when unexpectedly we started talking about Financial Markets, Crises and Banks. The chat was good and it took almost all night. After the night was over my friend said I should help him choose his investments, maybe give some advices about economy. It was at that moment that I realized I have a natural tendency to understand ( and study) Economics and Finance and that I should help other in their practical difficulties in markets and economy.

That's why I'm an instructor and financial adviser, to help others. I've been through investment rollercoaster and can help those who are newcomers in those rides. I have my own story to use as guidance and my time in Financial Markets make me know other stories of people that have also been through the highs and lows of Finance.

However I'm not your typical finance instructor and adviser. My adventures in Arts has made me realized that anything can be learn from a practical perspective. My goal is to use learning and teaching techniques from Arts to help people understand different and relevant topics in the world such as Economics, Environmental Education, Sciences , Business, Investments, Art itself and many other.

My knowledge about Financial Markets and Investments are largely derived from my own personal activities as well as the teachings and mentoring of great investors. However I do not undermine the theories and scientific discoveries. My investment method brings together the best of both world. It's full with practical knowledge backed by scientific discoveries (sometimes those discoveries are a bit late, but they eventually happen) that has real world usefulness.

Currently I'm at UnB studying Decision Theory and the impact of Quantum Physics in our understanding of behaviour of people and markets. My focus are Arts' Markets, therefore my main object of study is Creative Economics. I'm still investing in Brazilian securities, but now my portfolio is more complex. If anyone wants to talk about it or any other topic I'm open for a nice afternoon tea and chat.

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