Luanna Rodham

Marketing Virtual Assistant

"SQUIRREL!" If your head is easily turned by a new idea, Luanna Rodham is the one to help you find focus, clarity and results in your business. Luanna received her BS in Special Education in 1995, subsequently worked in inner-city schools as a Special Education teacher. In 2003 she started her marketing virtual assistant career in order to stay home with her three children.

The combination of her online marketing expertise with her Special Education skills enables Luanna to help her highly creative clients bring their ideas to fruition.

Luanna's clients read like a Who's Who of movers and shakers in the online world. By taking care of the day-to-day details in her clients' online businesses, they are able to focus on the big picture and creating products and services. As a result, her clients' revenues climb and their businesses grow.

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