Entrespace LLC

Business Design Firm

Entrespace LLC is a business design firm that specializes in services to help companies develop and improve their products and services as well as business strategy to achieve enduring success in the market place and sustainable competitiveness.

Our raison d'ĂȘtre (reason for being) is to change the world by helping improve business designs, customer experience and usability of products and services to maximize their value through methodical and continuous innovation.

Our proprietary Innovation Analytics methodology incorporates best practices from numerous 'state of the art' approaches, such as Lean Startup, Agile Management, Sense-and-Respond, Use Case Driven Approach, Design Thinking, Design Patterns, and many more. It was developed from the ground up and has been tested in multiple industries, and business areas.

It includes step-by-step guidance, techniques and templates to enable and streamline analysis, development and effective collaboration on various components of the business design, business strategy, Go-To-Market strategy, business development strategy, value proposition design, product or service design to ensure success in the market place, as well as sustainable competitiveness in the respective industry.

One of the key differences is that it offers a systematic, structured, and executable approach on how to perform each of the activities, how to develop, test and validate each of the analysis and design elements, the suggested template, and the format, as well as 'how-to' techniques. It provides a model that a person or a team can follow and execute step by step successfully, provided that they know & understand their customers and their industry well.

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