Lissa Friedman, PhD


I have been studying the enneagram since 1988, initially with the Arica School, which was established by the founder of the enneagram - Oscar Ichazo. I left the Arica School in the 1990s and began to study with several other teachers and experientially through my private practice work with clients.

In 2001, I developed a three part workshop and spent the next decade teaching the enneagram. My knowledge of the enneagram continues to deepen through my workshops where I get to observe the complex details of each pattern when my participants share their experiences.

I have published articles in the Enneagram Monthly, presented International Enneagram Conferences, and published a DVD series of interviews of each enneatype. IĀ founded the Enneagram Center of Asheville ( with my daughter, Tammy Hendrix, LCSW. We teach this course together as a team.

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