Lisa Tran

VCE English Tutor and Founder of VCE Study Guides

Lisa is an experienced VCE English tutor and also creator and writer of popular student website, VCE Study Guides. She achieved a study score of 45 (out of a possible 50) in English, and has since had over 8 years experience specialising in tutoring VCE English. Her aim to make English entertaining and fascinating for her students has lead to outstanding results, with her own students surpassing Lisa's study score - a sure sign that she's doing something right! Her unique approach to tutoring, motivated with her passion to see her students succeed, has lead to her being a highly-sought after VCE English tutor.

After seeing how restricted students were when seeking helpful and credible English resources online, she decided to break the barrier and created her own website dedicated to benefit VCE students, VCE Study Guides. It has since been used by thousands of students, tutors and even teachers in schools across Victoria. Her determination to create an accessible and valuable resource online has now expanded into other VCE subjects as well such as English Language! Since she is an avid supporter of the e-learning community, she is now creating online courses to provide students with the opportunity to access the her beneficial and practical advice. Ultimately, she aims to empower all her students with the confidence and edge they need to achieve the best they can in VCE!

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