Liran Tal

entrepreneurial engineer

Liran is 31 years old and an avid supporter and contributor to the open source movement. In 2007 he has redefined network RADIUS management by establishing daloRADIUS, a world-recognized and industry-leading open source project.

Passionate about creating software products, Liran combines his technical skills with an exquisite entrepreneurial spirit and business orientation to build successful ventures. In 2013, his mobile digital advertising startup, kupoya, was acquired by European media agency Commerce International.

Liran currently works at HP Software as an R&D team leader on a combined technology stack, featuring a Drupal based collaboration platform, Java, NodeJS and MongoDB.

At HPLN, Liran plays a key role in system architecture design, shaping the technology strategy from planning and development to deployment and maintenance in HP's IaaS cloud. Acting as the technological focal point, he loves mentoring team mates, drive for better code methodology and seek out innovative solutions to support business strategies.

He graduated cum laude in his Bachelor of Business and Information Systems Analysis studies and enjoys spending his time with his beloved wife Tal, and his new born son Ori. Amongst other things, his hobbies include playing the guitar, hacking all things Linux and continuously experimenting and contributing to open source projects

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