Alchemy Tutorials

Easy tutorials for useful skills

I'm Liona, a home-based email marketer (and the voice in the videos) and I started learning how to use a whole host of software programs out of necessity, simply to cut costs while starting my business. This became a hobby of mine, then a passion, and I decided it would be great to share some of the things I've learnt. 

Alchemy Tutorials is a learning hub focused on providing skills that allow people to take a do-it-yourself approach to technologies they may have otherwise avoided.

While it would be great to be able to hire other people to do the tasks that seem extraneous, sometimes it might be out of our budgets to do so and we have to learn how to do it ourselves. Other than the money saved there is a great sense of achievement in learning and that is the goal with Alchemy Tutorials - to teach the skills you need to get your job done and feel satisfied that you could do it yourself.