Lindsey Barge

Football and history .

Hello and welcome to football history and where it comes from. I am Lindsey Barge and I'll be your teacher for this subject . I hope that you will have fun learning where the world of football came from and where it was created. This will be an easy class and hopefully some of you girls that may take this will see that it is a great experience. Well enjoy and hope to see more of you . Now HIKE ! I love football, it is the best sport I think that is out there. I have known a lot about football for half of my life. I got taught that football goes back till Roman times when I was 10 . My interest is to go to the place this sport started one day. It is on my bucket list. I also love to sing and read. The best book I have to say is the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. My favorite tv show has to be The cruse of Oak Island. Besides, all that I've known a lot about football in my life came mostly in school where we got taught that the Greeks made the Olympics and football too. Well that is all about me, thank you for picking my course.