Dory Harvey

Cabinet Maker, Passionate Origami Expert.

Dory Harvey

Origami Expert, Cabinet Maker, Lover Of All Things Creative!


I love making beautiful things!

Learn from this passionate creative expert!

As a cabinet maker I have been making beautiful pieces of furniture for the last 20 years. In my quest and passion for being creative, I wanted to experiment with different types of material. I came across origami 8 years ago purely by accident..... literally. I was injured playing tennis and was out of action for two weeks unable to do wood projects. Being restricted to bed drove me insane and forced me to look for some other form of creative outlet. I did a search for crafts and sure enough origami stood out as a way to still be creative without me needing little more than a simple piece of paper. And so my absolute love and one could say obsession with this beautiful paper art form began.

My CV:

Cabinet Maker Specialising In Traditional English Period Furniture.

Traditional hand crafted pieces of furniture are sadly disappearing and have almost all been replaced by machine made pieces. My training was all traditional hand crafted techniques that not only required patience but I high level of skill and accuracy. To be able to produce amazing pieces of furniture required many different skill sets and for me this ability to perform all these techniques at a super high level was both a challenge and a joy. It was also something that came extremely naturally to me as I have had this creative and practical ability from a very young age.

Having discovered origami 8 years ago it has taken me on an exciting creative journey that still continues to this day. There are so many different forms of this paper craft and so many things to learn and make that I never run out of projects to do.

Here are just a few examples of different things you can make :

Origami Flowers

Origami Crane (Traditional Piece)

Modular Origami

3D Origami

Dollar Bill Origami

Action Origami like the “jumping frog"

Wet Folding Origami

Origami Butterfly

Origami Star

Origami Swan

This is just a small sample of what can be produced using paper and applying several different origami techniques. I have tried all the above and have made hundreds of origami items over the past 8 years. My house has become an origami shrine as I find it hard to get rid of any of my creations…..even the practice runs!

Although there are specific methods and techniques to this craft I encourage anyone who wishes to learn origami to apply their own creativity to each project they do. Once I learned the basics it allowed me to try different things and experiment when creating pieces. Don't be frightened to add your own touch as this allows us all to create our own unique pieces of paper art.

I am very passionate about this paper craft which is why I decided to put together this course and share my skills with anyone who wants to learn basic origami so they can move onto more advanced origami projects.

Putting this course together has been a true labour of love and has allowed me to share my knowledge and passion with others so they too can enjoy this amazing craft that can be done by anyone, anywhere, any time!

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