Linda Christensen, PhD

College Professor in Comparative Religion

Linda Christensen, MA, MTS, PhD has been teaching at the university and college level for over 25 years on Eastern and Western Religions and on the New Spirituality. Also, in having been on the spiritual path and into personal growth for over 35 years she has acquired a wealth of understanding on the deeper aspects of spirituality with a broad perspective on the phenomenon of religion. In recent years she has been focusing more on the "spirituality of success" as a result of coming to the conclusion that the human quest is universally one of seeking to live one's ultimate life...some do that through material success and others through seeking spiritual enlightenment. She now seeks to integrate the two domains, coaching people to discover their "sacred path to success."

She also has been certified as a Sacred Money Archetype Coach, a hypnotist, and in various spiritual healing modalities. She hosted radio shows for several years, is a best-selling author, speaker, and facilitates transformational workshops. She's the publisher of an upcoming magazine on iTunes...Abundance!

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