Michel Fortin

Communications. Copywriter. Consultant.

I'm currently director of communications for a full-service digital marketing agency and SEO firm. For close to 25 years, I've been a copywriter and consultant specializing in marketing communications and creative development for physical, digital, and social media. I provide business and marketing strategy consulting to boost exposure, traffic, income, referrals, and profits. I'm also the CEO of my late wife's company that offers virtual customer support and staffing solutions, and outsourced helpdesk and project facilitation services

My most salient skills include being a marketing writer, strategist, and consultant for thousands of different businesses in a wide variety of industries. I was instrumental in writing the campaign that sold the first ever one million dollars of digital information products in one day online (2004). I was featured in numerous national publications, TV shows, and radio programs. As a public speaker, I've trained tens of thousands of people all over the globe to audiences as large as 10,000 people. 

I'm the author of several books (over 300,000 copies sold or distributed), and hundreds of published articles. I manage a staff comprised of over 2,000 outsourced freelancers and 10-15 managers. I'm also the webmaster of over 100 websites. I'm fluently bilingual in French and English, too. I'm also a WordPress geek and well-versed in PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, Adobe, Office, and more.

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