Liam Hanley

Music Producer, Programmer, Electrical Engineer

Liam Hanley is the result of two of the most powerful things in the universe, a quazar and a cursed gag hand-buzzer, being condensed into one perfect, all-knowing, omniscient gaffster with giant blue horns and duck feet (Not really, but it's way more metal than the real thing.) In all seriousness, Liam is passionate about many many many things, but the one driving passion that has always been there has been his desire to learn new things and experience new landscapes, be it in intellectual pursuits or in honest-to-goodness landscapes draped over new and mysterious locations. Passion, although it is a valuable resource, simply deepens and strengthens in the heart the longer it burns, so upon keeping his soul burning as bright as he would like, Liam strives to dazzle and improve as long as he is unleashed upon this expansive and beautiful playing field we call life.

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