Liam Collins

The Aspiration Coach / Expert Life & Business Coach / London

In 2006 I became one of the world’s youngest fully qualified NLP practitioners at 16 years old, graduating from The Hummingbird Effect Academy in London, England.

I then went on to train with Tony Robbins, aged 17. 

Over the past 10 years, I've travelled the world.

I’ve walked the streets of Kuala Lumpa. Surfed the waves of Bali. Prayed in the Temples of Indonesia. Slept on the beaches of Portugal and even taught Acting Classes to underprivileged inner city kids in New York City. 

Before, during and after attending Drama School in London I became a successful actor. I’ve acted alongside the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch in the film 2013 film ‘Little Favour’, as well as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in the 2012 film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.  

Throughout all of this I have been building and running my Life Coaching business as 'The Aspiration Coach' for many years now.

I work with individuals that want to improve their lives and their careers in any way that they can. 

I work with people that want to work towards their dreams and aspirations using my logical approach that always achieves results.

I work with corporations and organisations to help them better improve their employee engagement and I deliver keynote speeches on subjects such as weight-loss, motivation, confidence, public speaking, etc.

I have surrounded myself with some of the worlds most successful people, people that are driven, determined and utterly aspirational - it's because of this that my series of online products are all about how successful people think and act.

Now I use this knowledge and experience to help other's ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS!

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