Lez Moore

Leadership Life Coach/Mentor

For the best part of the last 25 years Lez has worked with people who wanted personal development, better work Health balance, career direction and purpose in their lives. Lez assisted his clients by increasing self worth, building self respect and confidence to tackle anything that was put in front of them. Lez has been a successful Business owner, a highly respected Registered Nurse, a Senior Manager and a Mentor/Coach.  

As a Coach, Lez has the ability to get the answers from with in the individual and this is what makes utilising Coaching so great if you want results that last long term. Your results are achieved because of what you are able to contribute to the Coaching sessions, NOT by copying or doing what the Coach thinks you should do or maybe need.

Lez is a qualified Life Leadership Coach and a level 2 consultant in Extended DISC. Lez is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Matrix Therapies as well as a Hypnotherapist. Lez utilises all of these tools to ensure clients achieve their goals. The power of the behavioural profiling tool extended DISC is incredible, it gives clients an insight into their own behavioural flexibility. EDISC fast tracks the clients progress because it gives such a great insight into their behaviours based on their current role. Many other coaching tools are utilised during the coaching process Hypnosis, NLP and many other Coaching techniques enables Lez to help you break through what has been stopping you in the past.

Lez never ceases to be amazed at what the human mind is capable of, and this is what drives him to help as many people as he can achieve all goals big or small! 

Its time to  unleash your full and true potential. STOP THINKING THAT THIS IS ALL ITS EVER GOING TO BE FOR ME...Become the person you know you can be. Gain clarity on that big decision. Get motivated to take action and get rewarded for all your hard work and effort! 

Just make a simple life change, ´╗┐that's all it takes to get started!!

Lez will support you through a tough time and help you move from negativity to positivity! 

Lez will show you a happy road to self discovery, identifying your core beliefs, personal values and rules that have supported and hindered your achievements!

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