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Lex van Dam Financial Education is the brainchild of the man behind 5-Step-Trading® and Million Dollar Traders, which aired on the BBC. While Lex continues to teach trading and investing to an ever-growing global following of novice and experienced traders, Lex van Dam Financial Education is here to serve an even bigger purpose: we aim to provide unbiased financial education that empowers people to make the best decisions for their particular financial circumstances.

Meet Lex van Dam

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Lex van Dam is one of the most respected hedge fund managers, as well as a leading financial educator. He began his professional career in 1992, trading stocks for Goldman Sachs where he worked for ten years, latterly as head of the equities proprietary trading desk. After that he ran money at GLG, which at the time, was Europe's largest hedge fund. From 2007 onwards he has been a hedge fund manager at Hampstead Capital LLP.

Lex is a regular public speaker at various local and international events, frequently quoted on CNN, Reuters, FT, and Bloomberg.

Shared Value For All

"I want my courses to be available at a reasonable price so that everyone can benefit from them. I do not teach for a living: I share my years of expertise to help and add real value to people who are looking to develop their financial acumen and perhaps want to gain a better understanding of trading and investing. To offer you the best value I can, I have also developed an exam that allows you to test your knowledge. After 20 years of expertise, I now feel it is my duty to contribute with clear and practical financial education that hardly exists in an educational industry so often driven by commercial financial products," Lex van Dam. Quality & Transparency When a customer buys a course we will never try to sell another course on the back of it. Lex van Dam Financial Education continuously invests in additional online material and tools to make financial learning accessible and convenient for all. We also respect our customers' privacy and you will rarely hear from us. Having established a partnership with Udemy, social media presence, we are here for you if you believe you can benefit.


Our 5-Step-Trading® e-courses, e-workbook, online exam are available to anyone independent of their location, age, education, or profession.

Lex is regulated by the FCA and our Academy adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards.