Lesley Morrison

Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

For ten years + I have been helping people across the world in achieving their weight loss results, both face to face and online. My career as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and mindset coach has led me to some amazing places and I have had the privilege of working with some truly inspiring people. 

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some of the worlds leading nutrition coaches, mindset and transformation specialist, psychologist and neuro-specialists. This has allowed me to develop a service that goes beyond just exercise & diet! 

I have been able to take all that I have learnt & studied and create a programme, or series of programmes, that have succcessfully changed lives, and I have now been able to turn these programmes into online course which can be accessed all over the world at any time.

Taking from my own experience of weight loss, and those of my clients & creating live workshops, courses and training for people who want to make successful changes to their health, lifestyle and body. 

Having trained and worked with some of the worlds leading authorities in Mindset, Nutrition, Health, Mindfulness, Reiki, CBT and NeuroPlasticity, I have dialled in on a greater strength and energy to transform the outcomes of diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Transforming lives rather than just bodies. 

I want to help people, not only achieve happiness in their bodies, but happiness full stop. 

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