Lesly Federici RN

Virtual Birth Coach and Video Voice Mentor

I am an RN, specializing in Labor & Delivery. I've been teaching childbirth education offline and online for over 16 years. I created an online childbirth site in 1998, www.leslynotes.com dedicated to providing childbirth education to women around the world. I'm a mom too, and love what I do. I also teach expectant couples how to use meditation to reduce anxiety, stress and potential discomfort during labor.

Over the years I have used video to share my message and love the medium. It's fun and increases interest in what you want to teach to others. So I also help people, especially those who are shy about creating video how to be "invisible" but make a huge impact. You can see my video tips here www.videovoicementor.com

I look forward to seeing you in my courses! Yes, more to come!

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