Leonard Irwin

Job Interview Masterclass

Job interviews are stressful at the best of times. I should know as I've had over 30 jobs in my life time. Along the way I attended university and got a drama degree. What I learned there was job interviews are like auditions. Both require preparation to be chosen for the role. From this insight I started to apply powerful acting techniques, state of mind understandings and together it helped me to see how to own any job interview.

What you will learn in this class are powerfully simple instructions that will allow you to walk into your next job interview and own the space. After this course you will KNOW in your heart you will be better prepared than 97% of your competition.

I've turn around decades of failure to get work and created a course that will give you the essential tools to confidently think, sound, stand, project and impress any future job interviewer. You will own the space and wow them with your new skills at communicating on all multiple levels who you ARE and what YOU can DO for THEM!

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