Leo Diez

Personal Trainer at Udemy

Leo Diez is a professional Personal Trainer, Kickboxing instructor and Expert conditioning coach with 15 years experience.

Leo started as a trainer in South America and developed his martial arts expertise there from a young age starting with karate. He moved to the UK and took part in intense further training in conditioning performance for athletes, kickboxing, Muai Thai, MMA, and hand to hand combat self-defence.

From South America to the UK, Leo has never lost his passion for fitness and martial arts and has maintained a steady and varied client base. "No two clients are the same, my service is completely individualised and created purely for the need of that person, I give complete focus to my programmes making sure they fit in with the client's personal goal and interest." Leo has helped many people achieve their goals including Pro athletes, celebrities, Business men and women and people from all walks of life. As well as managing a busy schedule, Leo is often asked by other Personal Trainers to teach them his unique methods and is also known as 'the motivation machine'.

Leo Diez is now a full time personal trainer based predominatly in the UK but travels world wide with his clients on occasion.

"I enjoy motivating my clients with exciting programmes that challenge them and allow for both physical and mental benefit. I have researched hundreds of methods and am seeing the best results with my kickboxing and body weight combination programmes."

In the pursuit for constant improvement and with his passion for martial arts, Leo is now also training in Alkido.

Leo is a master of achieving the perfect body with exciting and unique workouts. He has led boot camps, fitness kickboxing classes, works daily with pro-athletes and is now proud and excited to bring HIT PADS to you.

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