Lenka Dvorakova

Speaker and public speaking coach and trainer

Lenka Dvorakova is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, coach and trainer and founder of a public speaking training program and platform where she helps non-native speakers develop the skills necessary to deliver presentations in English - and even enjoy it!

During the years she spent in diplomacy, working as an EU negotiator in the UN, and in a top managerial position in academia, she had the opportunity to listen to some wonderful speakers - and also sat through hours and hours of boring speeches. While speaking in public in any language (she speaks five languages besides her native Czech) came naturally to her, she realized that not everyone feels the same. 

Then she set herself a new mission - to prove that anyone can learn how to present in English, whatever their initial public speaking OR English skills.

She has won multiple awards in Toastmasters public speaking contests, most recently she finished runner-up and best non-native speaker in Czechoslovak championship in public speaking in English.

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