Lemar Knight

Founder of NewOnlineIncome.com

Coming from the crazy world of the Film Industry, I began my career as an actor but soon gravitated towards the writing side, having experienced great success as an Author and Screenwriter.

The major problem with the Film Industry is that once you've completed your current project, you have to wait weeks, if not several months before your next.

As you can tell, this can put a major strain on a household that I share with my wife and two boys.

I began my search for a side income I could work in-between writing jobs and film projects to help offset this burden.

I soon discovered the world of Internet Marketing by chance while trying to build sites to promote my books.

In the beginning my goal was to find part-time income, but once I discovered I could make a FULL TIME income from the comforts of my very own home.

I never looked back!

New Online Income was founded with the goal of becoming a one stop shop for Online Marketers trying to start their business or increase their existing business.

Covering everything from Email Marketing, to Video Marketing and Social Media, this company was created to tackle the needs of its students in order to free as many people as possible from the traps of the 9 to 5 world.

With so much confusion running rampant, New Online Income cuts through the fluff and gets straight to point of running a successful business.

Having put together several training courses, New Online Income keeps its students on top of the game and ready to dominate the world of Online Marketing.

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