Leisha Naidoo

Learning and Development Manager

As a long standing member of the South African HR fraternity (10 years cumulatively) and its surrounding community I have developed a profound appreciation for the field of expertise and its significant contribution to an organisation, country and economy at large.  The years have been earmarked by significant exposure to and achievement within people development strategies and practices including but not limited to talent management, employee engagement, organisational culture, skills development, organisational development and leadership development. If I really had to pick one (really really had to pick one), I would say working with top talent and emancipating individuals to find their true joy and purpose in life is most certainly mine.

I am characterised by a deep hunger for people empowerment, grounded by a passion for influence in the alignment of development objectives with resultant impact on the bottom line. As a HR person I pride myself as viewing my most significant contributions as those made as a business person with an HR focus, often found seeking a betterment in process with cost effectiveness and performance maximization at the heart of my strategic intent.

My heart is therefore firmly grounded in Learning and Development, witnessing the evolution of people brings me the greatest joy. My approach is not just living ‘outside the box’ but actually reshaping that box. The strength of my value add is in the area of people development (focusing on graduates) and brand enhancement utilizing employees as ambassadors of the brand through the acceleration of talent toward achieving optimal effectiveness and embodiment of the organisational values and culture.

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