Dr. James Hubbard

The Survival Doctor

As one of the nation's foremost survival-medicine experts, family doctor and best-selling author James Hubbard, MD, MPH, helps people learn to survive some of the worst situations in our world today. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, riots—all these and more can make getting medical help impossible. Even camping, hunting and traveling often place people out of range of the help they normally rely on. Dr. Hubbard empowers people to deal with the worst and come out fighting.

Dr. Hubbard has been a family doctor for almost 40 years. He's practiced in small-town Mississippi and mountainous Colorado. His latest book is The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook. His numerous media appearances have included Women's Health (UK) and American Profile. Dr. Hubbard is passionate about making essential medical information accessible to everyone. As he says, "everyone deserves the chance to survive."

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