Lee Kellett

Games Artist

Hello, My Name is Lee, I am a Games Artist from the United Kingdom, and I am passionate about video games, but also teaching games design and art. I have worked in the games, and also worked with other interactive media. I have a BSc in Computer Science and experience in teaching at a few local colleges. I have in the past taught computer science at local colleges, where the age range is 16+. I have taught a range of subjects such as Games Design, 3D Computer Modelling, Animation and Computer Programming. I enjoy passing on knowledge and enjoy seeing people use what I have taught in their own projects

Besides my professional qualifications and my work, I enjoy most things others do, such as movies, music and especially video games. I also love technology, and like to keep on top of all the latest tech in the world. I would at some point like to set up my own company that makes video games, as well as dealing with some of the more interesting aspects and applications of games, and games design. I would also like to travel a lot and see the world. As I also love culture, and I like to see culture that inspires art.

Anyway this is a little about me, I hope you enjoy!

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