Learn Spanish 101

Anyone can learn Spanish!

My name is Manuel and I was born in Valencia, Spain. I lived there for part of my childhood and at ten years old I moved to London where I found myself excited to be in a new country and at the same time totally overwhelmed with the language. As the years past and I continued to speak Spanish at home, and I found that my English was getting better then I ever thought possible, to the point that English was very easily mistaken to be my first language. I had become bilingual! But how? 

As I went on to Swansea university to study Aerospace Engineering and then to Warwick university to complete an MSc, I continued to explore my ability to learn languages. To my surprise, I realised that I didn't have any sort of special gift, but instead I had accidentally language learning techniques that anyone would be any to use to become fluent in a language!

I start to use these techniques with other languages like Chinese, Arabic and Russian, and found that these techniques truly did work! I went on to use it with friends and realised that there secret techniques had to be shared with the world. It was then that I created LearnSpanish101, where we aim to show people that learning Spanish can be truly easy if done the right way!

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