As an advocate for Global Entrepreneurship I train, teach, preach and spread the gospel of growing your small business into global markets. I call it “Micro-Global" and it's part of the Girls Gone Global™ manifesto - where going global isn't just about finding a foreign market to make a sale. At Girls Gone Global - we believe the way to success is about how you “connect, create and collaborate" with other like-minded entrepreneurs around the world. Girls Gone Global is a community for women entrepreneurs with training, support, group interaction and global connections for taking your micro-enterprise to the world.

I've written curriculum, taught courses, produced conferences and led training seminars on the topic of global business and I'm especially interested in growing the opportunities and experiences of women entrepreneurs around the world. With a TEDx presentation on global connectivity, and projects I've created such as the board game, Know Opportunity, being featured in Forbes and Inc. Magazine, I'm looking to grow my network of like-minded women around the globe.

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