Lea Truc

Certified International Graduate Mentor, College Educator

Lea Truc Le is a certified international graduate mentor, researcher, a college-level educator who teaches cohorts and courses in Business, Marketing, Fashion and conducts educational workshops for US. students as well as International students.  


Lea has a bachelors degree in Business Administration and a M.F.A. (terminal degree) in Luxury and Fashion Management at Savannah College of Art and Design. She met world-renown Jimmy Choo at the London House of Commons when she was seventeen. These events influenced her major career decision.

Her experience includes working with major companies such as Samsung, KPMG, Oscar de la Renta, and Carolina Herrera. In addition, she taught at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, and conducts educational workshops. She is publishing a research paper on Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship. 

She is a Certified International Graduate Mentor, Business and Marketing teacher for colleges in the US. She has been teaching at US. Colleges for the past two years. She has conducted more than 500 extra one-on-one sessions to help students with research skills and business strategies. 

With her experiences in the industry as well as many years of teaching at college level, she aims to inspire students and well prepare them for the professional careers. 

You will enjoy her lessons and gain useful information. Enjoy!

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