Tom and Lawrene Bottorf

Admissions and Financial Aid Expert

Tom and Lawrene Bottorf have been college admissions and financial aid counselors for nearly 12 years, and are considered experts in the field. Tom was an electrical engineer (graduated from Penn State) for 30 years, and was looking for a different direction. He worked for a financial planner for a while, and noticed the need for accurate information, not rumors from other parents.

Lawrene was a small business owner for many years, in addition to teaching for several years in the local high school. Coming from the perspective of being a single parent for a long time, yet having graduate degrees in college, I understand the desire to educate your children. I also am empathetic to the plight of being able to pay for college, save for retirement, and just make ends meet.

I am passionate about turning this culture of "Debt is Normal" around, and watching families break free of the chains of debt that enslave them. We founded GetCollegeFunding in 2005 out of a growing concern for families who were burying themselves in debt. We realized this was happening because there was no relevant information easily accessible.

We now speak to thousands in high schools, and serve hundreds of paying clients per year...and need to take our message out to the masses. People need help paying for college!

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