Mr Lawrence Teng Chong Leong

Feng Shui Master

Course tile: The Art of assessing your fengshui wealth area!

Course objectives: to impart the skills and knowledge of assessing your exact fengshui wealth area in your home or offices with ease and also learn how to create a Tibetan fengshui treasure bowl to grow your wealth in the newfound wealth position ! ^_~

Instructor: I am Lawrence Teng - A Singaporean chinese versed in the ancient art of Fengshui , geomancy, astrology. I am also well known as Fengshui Master Ding in Singapore as a title earned for my years of achievements and proven results for many years.

Company: founder and owner of PNP Fengshui In Singapore.

What is PNP Fengshui?

PNP Stands for plug and play fengshui or simply means fengshui made easy ! ^_~

How I learn acquire my skills?

Brief history of myself and my personal destined encounters :-

• Attempted suicide at age 25 ….

* Survived & saved by a monk from the famous Guan Yin

(Goddess of Mercy) Temple in Singapore & being taught

the ancient art of fortune telling and Fengshui….

• Members of the IFSA (International Feng Shui Association)

. Travelled around the world to leant about this so-called profound art and perfected it to made it as simple as possible so that even the simplest layman can understand it apply it and makes it works ! ^_~


“ I don't have to believe in Fengshui..!!!

I simply do it because it's simple & it

really works !!! ” Donald Trump

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