Lauren Lapointe

Creativity Coach, Singer/Songwriter, Yoga Teacher

LAUREN LAPOINTE is a nationally-touring singer-songwriter who had no idea that she was creative until well into adulthood. Following her instincts, she left her cushy office job and business degree behind to follow a creative way of life and never looked back. She has since released three critically acclaimed CDs, played at the nation’s top listening rooms, and received international radioplay. In addition to her music, she teaches yoga and meditation and inspires and leads others with her Creativity Coaching practice. She has conducted workshops and seminars in creativity and enjoys working one-on-one and in groups to help people realize and follow their dreams and live creative and fulfilling lives. Although she grew up in Canada she now lives in Savannah, Georgia in the Southeastern USA with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats. Chocolate is usually nearby.

“Lauren worked with me last year on my creative process and I can tell you she really gets this stuff. Her help gave a real boost to my creativity. If you are looking for help in increasing your creativity you should take this course.” – Ian Murray, Photographer

“Thanks to Lauren, I have most of the first draft of a book I had been saying I was writing for years, but had never sat down to write before.” – Amber Hadigan, Writer

“She is wonderful to work with and is helping me expand my creativity in ways I had not imagined.”– Andrew Getch, songwriter and painter

“I highly recommend Lauren’s creativity coaching. I LOVE having a cheerleader who helps me stay focused.” – Sarah Starkey, musician

YOGA & MEDITATION TEACHING: Lauren Lapointe is a certified 500-hour professional Kripalu yoga teacher who also holds certifications in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and in teaching meditation. She is known for her joyful and heart-centered approach to yoga and strongly believes that yoga is available to everyone – all bodies and fitness levels –and is not just a physical practice but a mindful and compassionate way of life. Her classes emphasize the mind/body connection through the breath and encourage self-reflection and acceptance. 

“Lauren’s dedication and love of the practice moves and motivates all who take her yoga classes.” Betsy Freeman

"When Lauren Lapointe introduced me to her gentle but challenging yoga teachings, I knew I had finally found a yoga teacher that understood not only my individual needs and challenges on the mat, but each and every student’s in the class as well. The gentle but energetic practice Lauren leads us through in class is always stimulating for not only the body but the mind as well. She reminds us to come back to the breath while we seek our own personal edge throughout the practice. Under Lauren’s instruction, I can not imagine a day without some form of yoga practice, even if it’s a 2-minute time out to remind myself to come back to the breath while I let my mind still, regroup, and meet life’s daily challenges again. Regardless of where you are in your yoga journey, beginner or life long enthusiast, Lauren will enhance your yoga practice and inspire you over and over again to return to the mat." - Nancy Alford-Gill

"I highly recommend starting any employee retreat or training program with Lauren's yoga session. The employees were able to completely relax and prepare their minds for the very busy day. Lauren's voice is soothing and she has the ability to get anyone to a relaxed state of mind." - Lesley Hanak, Vice President for Human Resources, Savannah College of Art and Design

“Lauren brings a balance of energy and calm, of yin and yang to the mat. Her Yin-Yang Yoga workshop at Dancing Dogs Yoga was an amazing, insightful, and mindful practice. We will invite her back soon!” - Shelley Lowther, owner Dancing Dogs Yoga, Savannah GA

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