Lauren Remington

Host of Talk Business Network, Founder of

Lauren Remington, retired from a Fortune 100 Corporation and started her own private media management marketing firm. She is the host, of the Talk Business Network, which for the last five years, has been producing webinars and video newsletters for corporations and professionals.

She recently started, for divorced men, to address issues which are near and dear to her heart.

1) Wanting men to know, that not all women were crazy and there were women, they could have a happy and healthy relationship with.
2) Helping them to understand not all women, wanted to be their mothers, many wanted to be their lovers.
3) Wanting to help them move from the chaos, which had become their lives, towards finding the woman of their dreams.

In addition, she's produced 15 mini-webinars, which are about 15min each, which go into more detail about specific issues and obstacles men may run into, with their Ex. Proving she has an understanding of the problem, divorce men are facing and a commitment to helping them to move forward, with their lives.

Ms Remington believes, if men understood the reason "why", then had the skillsets to address the issues, this would help them to better communicate with their Ex and other women.